Richard at the start of his career

and at our 30th year anniversary celebrations.

The History of Richard Jacobs Pension & Trustee Services

As a family-owned business, the Richard Jacobs Pensions team has been supporting the people, communities and businesses of Staffordshire for over 40 years. Here’s our story.

1971 – Richard Jacobs begins a career in finance

Richard Jacobs, our principal owner and adviser, started his career in the insurance industry in 1971. In 1973, Richard began supporting clients to reach their financial goals, specialising in pensions – for Richard, this was the start of something special.

1992 – Richard Jacobs Pension & Trustee Services Ltd is founded

Inspired by how he had helped clients while working at financial advice practises, Richard sets out on his own and establishes Richard Jacobs Pension & Trustee Services Ltd. He quickly becomes a familiar and trusted figure in the Staffordshire community, supporting hundreds of people, families, and businesses to get their pensions and finances in order.

2000 – Kate Barnard joins Richard Jacobs Pension & Trustee Services Ltd

After handling all aspects of the business by himself, Richard realised the business could help more people if he had more hands on-deck. Kate Barnard joined in 2000 as the company’s new Business Manager.

2007 – Richard Jacobs Pensions Becomes a Family Affair

In 2007, Richard’s daughter Emily joined the business to provide a greater range of financial services to our clients. Emily soon qualified as an Independent Financial Advisor, helping people looking to save for, and access benefits at retirement.

2015 – We Open Our New Corporate Services Department

In 2015, the team welcomed Sarah Gorton, who used her 20 years of experience in the financial sector to establish Richard Jacobs corporate services department. We began to support even more businesses, providing a wide range of services from pension autoenrolment schemes to company insurance.

2018 – The Team Continues To Grow

By 2019, the Richard Jacobs Pensions team grew to welcome Gemma Lovatt, Sarah Gorton, Sean Hurst, and Jessica Ashley Smith.

2021 – Richard Hands Over The Reins To A New Generation Of Leadership

In 2021, Richard stepped back from heading up the business and entrusted it to his daughter, Emily and Business Manager Kate. Having been an integral part of the team for over 30 years between them, they were primed and ready to take on this new leadership role and continue to provide our clients with the level of service they’d come to expect.

This also marked an exciting new era for the business, as it became one of the few financial advisory services with an all-female leadership team. As of 2023, the majority of our team are women – a rare thing in the financial world – and we continue to provide accessible, intuitive financial support to every client who trusts us to do so. 

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