Expert Witness Services

Richard Jacobs has been providing expert witness services for over 20 years in all matters relating to pensions. The initial involvement came out of liability claims but soon moved to divorce in the days when it was very rare for anything to happen with regards to pensions following divorce. Subsequent legislation and the introduction of attachment and pension sharing orders now make this one of the most complicated areas in pensions. Whilst public sector unfunded schemes such as the Police and Fire Brigade insist that any pension credit created for the former spouse, must remain in the scheme, we have the problem that the member can retire earlier, but the spouse must wait until normal age. Great inequality of values can occur in such situations.

Further complicated routes are where schemes offer the ex spouse the option of leaving any pension credit in a scheme or transferring it out. Which is the best choice? This is close to the area where a great deal of bad advice was given in previous years under the banner of pension miselling. If a pension credit has to be moved out, where should it be moved to? There are many schemes, some with exceptionally high charges and therefore commissions involved, there are others with no commission involved and fees are more appropriate. Very often the receiver of any pension benefit has not been involved with pensions previously and is moving into an incredibly complicated area for the first time having to make very quick decisions with little information. It is in this area that our sister company Richard Jacobs Pension & Trustee Services Ltd can provide fully authorised and regulated advice in a simple straightforward way. Our remuneration can be by fee only, commission only or a combination of both.